Petition to Stop Bill 41

”Patients First Act”


This is a petition to amend the Ontario Liberal's Bill 41 (formerly Bill 210) which has received its first reading in October 6, 2016. It is due to become law in the Fall of 2016. This Bill makes sweeping changes to 18 existing Acts, adds more bureaucracy to our already underfunded Ontario Health Care system and can allow government Investigators to access Ontarian's Private Medical History in your doctor's offices without your knowledge or permission.


This petition applies to all Ontario citizens. Regardless if you have or had a substance abuse problem such as alcoholism, previously had a sexually transmitted infection, or were diagnosed with a chronic condition or cancer, all of this information can be accessed by the Government WITHOUT your permission if Bill 41 is enacted into law. This has potentially damaging implications for your job, your personal insurance, and can be spread widely if any security breaches occur to Government computers.


Bill 41 adds more bureaucracy to the current health care system in Ontario. If Bill 41 passes, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) in Ontario will add more administrators. It also adds a new layer of bureaucracy called sub-LHINs where approximately 6-9 "mini-LHINs" are created that micromanage hospitals and clinics which would equate to a total of approximately 80 additional "mini-LHINs" across Ontario. All of this bureaucracy costs money and takes it away from your frontline healthcare that you are already waiting for. Ontario does not need more bureaucracy. We need more frontline healthcare workers: doctors, nurses, and other allied healthcare workers.


This Bill adds more paperwork for you and your doctor to fill out which means less time for you to spend with your doctor. You and your healthcare professionals have enough paperwork to fill out on a daily basis. Bill 41 adds more paperwork to the Ontario Health Bureaucracy which means taking YOUR valuable time away from YOUR doctor. By signing this petition to amend Bill 41, you are helping change a Bill that is currently written to increase bureaucracy. By minimizing bureaucracy, you are safeguarding your time with your doctor so that he or she can perform activities that are more meaningful to you.


Bill 41 will insert the Government between you and your doctor. The Government can control previously autonomous medical practitioners which includes the hiring and termination of medical practitioners through the implementation of Bill 41. Conveniently, the Ontario Government gets to "have its cake and eat it too" by becoming employers of medical service providers but not having to assume any risk, work benefits, vacation pay or retirement services. For these reasons, we need to stop the Bill as it is currently written by signing and mailing this petition.


This petition is open to Ontario citizens of and ALL ages (including less than 18 years old)

1. Fill Out Below Form with Accurate Mailing Information (you must be an Ontario citizen)

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3. Mail the Petition Form through Canada Post to:

Jeff Yurek MPP, 750 Talbot St #201, St. Thomas, ON N5P 1E2

** After submitting the Petition You Must Manually Print the Petition and Mail It In Through Canada Post


Blank PDF Petition Template - print blank templates to hand out (single signature)

Blank PDF Multi-Signature Petition Template - print multiple blank templates to hand out (5 signatures)

Blank PDF Petition Template - print blank templates to hand out (single signature) French Version

Blank PDF Multi-Signature Petition Template - print multiple blank templates to hand out (5 signatures) French Version

Petition Bill 41 Poster (8 x 11) - post in your facility

Petition Bill 41 Poster (16 x 23) - post in your facility

Read Bill 41 - link to Government of Ontario's website

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